Is 8GB RAM good for gaming?

When it comes to gaming, more memory is always better right? Well, that’s usually the case – but not always. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of having 8GB of RAM in your gaming PC. So whether you’re planning on playing the latest AAA title or want […]

Repair Corrupted RAR ZIP files

Learn how to fix or repair a corrupted RAR or Zip file on your android phone or PC in 4 easy steps and less than 4 minutes. What Is a RAR File? A RAR (Roshal Archive) file is a compressed archive of one or many larger files. You mostly encounter RAR files when you want […]

The Huawei Watch Fit

More Possibilities On Your Wrist The Huawei watch fits the gorgeous 1,64 rectangular AMOLED display smartwatch with the best resolution range of 280 x 456 HD. The rectangular shape is going to give you the best and clear viewing experience every day. It also has auto-brightness control to make the screen perfectly visible even in […]

How Much Faster Is Ethernet?

Setting up your internet connection boils down to choosing between wired and wireless. To decide which one to use, it’s important you know the difference between the two because internet speed could vary significantly. Isn’t an ethernet connection outdated? Yes, ethernet was first used in the time of the VHS, but the technology has been updated […]

Top Smart Home Devices

When it comes to owning a house, cozy is not just what you should look for. We are talking about efficient homes, after all, we spend a major portion of our day there since the pandemic hit. The majority of people now work from home these days or at least they have been spending time […]

How to Check and Block Someone Who is Using My WiFi

Routers today are more powerful than before and that it reaches your neighbour’s home is no surprise. But if you have noticed that your internet has been slow lately then there it is a high chance that your neighbour is using your WiFi for streaming Netflix (on HD). But don’t worry because in this post […]

Best Laptop For Accounting Students

Best Laptop for Accounting Students – Buyers Guide Screen Size – The larger the screen size of a laptop the heavier it will be. It is very easy for users to handle a 13″ laptop since it is lightweight and easy to handle. On the other hand, a 15″ laptop is noticeably heavier. Keyboard – A […]