Learn how to fix or repair a corrupted RAR or Zip file on your android phone or PC in 4 easy steps and less than 4 minutes.

What Is a RAR File?

A RAR (Roshal Archive) file is a compressed archive of one or many larger files. You mostly encounter RAR files when you want to download a file or software. A lot of files sharing websites/software distributors share their files in a RAR file so that the overall size of the folder is compressed to a smaller size. This enables you to download it as fast as you can.

You can protect your RAR file with a password. RAR files end with the extension “.rar”. There are other file compression formats such as .zip, .7z, or .iso.

Time needed: 4 minutes.

Here is how you can repair or fix the RAR file in 4 easy steps.

  1. Repair RAR file with the Shortcut Menu

    Suppose your RAR file is compressed of several small files such as images and not of software, you can follow the following method to fix the corrupted RAR/zip files on your PC.
    1. Right-click on your RAR archive and choose Extract files from the menu.
    2. In the Extraction path and options window choose a folder to save the decompressed archive and don’t forget to check the Keep broken files in the Miscellaneous option.
    3. Click Ok to begin the extraction. Now an error message will appear just ignore it and extract the archive. Now you will get all the files that are not broken or corrupted.

  2. Use CMD to repair corrupted Zip files

    1. Click on the Start and type CMD and click on the Open as administrator.
    2. Now change the directories of the folder where the corrupted Zip file is located. Type the following code in the CMD: “C:\Program Files\WinZip\wzzip” -yf zipfile.zip
    Files\WinZip: It is the location where you have installed the WinZip application.
    zipfile.zip: This is the name of the file showing an invalid ZIP error.
    3. Press Enter.

  3. Repair corrupted RAR/Zip file using WinRAR file

    1. Open WinRAR and navigate to the location where the corrupted ZIP file is located.
    2. Select the corrupted RAR or ZIP file and click on the Tools option in the top menu and now click on the Repair archive option.
    3. Now a new dialog box would pop up. Choose the location where you want to save the corrupted ZIP file after repairing it. Confirm settings and click OK.
    4. Now go to the folder where you have saved the file and search for the file that has contains the _rebuilt.rar or _rebuilt.zip. This file is the repaired corrupted ZIP file you need.

  4. Fix the RAR file on your mobile phone

    1. First you need to download the RAR for Android app from the play store.
    2. Open the app and find the RAR file that needs to be fixed and select the file.
    3. Click on the vertical three dots and tap on the Repair Archive option.
    4. Now a popup will appear asking for confirmation. Just select OK and now your archive will be repaired.
    5. Now the repaired file will be stored in the same folder with the name rebuild.xyz.zip or rebuild.xyz.rar. Now extract the file.