When it comes to owning a house, cozy is not just what you should look for. We are talking about efficient homes, after all, we spend a major portion of our day there since the pandemic hit. The majority of people now work from home these days or at least they have been spending time more time there for a couple of years now. This has given a major surge into homes transforming into smarter spaces that are equally helpful and efficient in all ways. Smart speakers, video doorbells, smart door locks, you name it and that essential will have a smarter alternative for you.

All of this has also become a reason for the vast popularity of fiber optic internet connection as it is arguably the fastest and most reliable broadband service you can get your hands on currently. In order to keep their homes smarter, people have increasingly started opted this internet connection.

Fiber optic internet service might be a bit costlier than other traditional services but the cost is justified considering the incredibly high speed you get. One of the best things is that equipment for fiber optic internet is not as intimidating as one might anticipate and the list of its requirement is not as long for it to start functioning. All it takes is Fiber internet modem, fiber optic cables, and a router for you to start living a futuristic life. So, if you are planning to make your home starter this year, going for this connection is definitely going to make the whole process smoother.

Now that you have the internet connection best suited for your home, let’s move forward and talk about the top smart home devices of 2022 that you should invest in.

Amazon Echo (4th Gen)

An absolute stunner and efficient, these are the words we would like to use to define Amazon Echo (4th Gen). It is still as impressive as we remember it to be and that too at a mouth watering price of $100 (which you can find even for a lesser price if you keep an eye out for sale). This smart speaker is still ruling the market with its excellent profile, fantastic audio quality, and of course, incredible features.

Amazon Echo (4th Gen) combines all the amazing features of Alexa such as speakers and small sensors that are useful in sending you signals while you are not home. It can send alerts upon detecting a sound of a glass break or a smoke alarm. This is why Amazon Echo (4th Gen) is our personal favorite.

Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen)

Smart displays bring a compelling angle to your home. They offer touch controls, an efficient screen for streaming your favorite content, a brilliant channel to make video calls, a digital assistant, and many more. Having said that, Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) makes our list of best smart home devices as it offers all the things we expect from a smart display.

This device is one of the smartest you can get your hands on this year and the price attached to it really seals the deal for us. At only $100 price this appealing smart display comes with a built-in Google Assistant that makes this Nest Hub responds to the voice commands, just like the Google Home Mini smart speaker.

This smart display has a touchscreen of 7 inches and adaptive brightness that makes us fall in love with its video quality. To make your home look cozier, it customizes a slideshow of the pictures of your family as a screensaver. In addition to this, it includes Sleep Sensing and Quick Gestures. The best part is that its design makes it blend in anywhere so you can place it in your living room without worrying about it going with the interior of your house.

Google Nest Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is one of our prime home essentials, especially in making your home turn into a smarter one with all the speakers and displays. After all, all these connected doodads won’t do you much good if you cannot connect them, right? This is where a mesh router comes in and efficiently solves all your problems.

Google Nest Wi-Fi is specifically built to spread strong, steady, and speedy signals across your home. This is perfect for those living in big mansions who often find it difficult to get signals in all the rooms. It is best for Google smart homes which means that all Alexa users will most likely want to stick with the Amazon compatible mesh router.

Probably, the only drawback of Google Nest Wi-Fi is that it does not support the latest and fastest version of Wi-Fi called Wi-Fi 6. But if that is not a big deal for you, then you should probably invest in this mesh router

In order to make your home more livable and a lot more automated, you need to purchase the aforementioned smart devices that you can control from everywhere. These days, you can find a smarter version of practically every home device, and the ones we have mentioned in this article are our absolute favorites that provide you with all the features necessary to transform your home.